Unleashing the power of data: our database screening is complete!

We’ve hit a major breakthrough. Wood for Trees has meticulously sifted through the data and pinpointed approximately 3,000 promising prospects. While this is just shy of our initial projections, there’s a silver lining. Thanks to our comprehensive testing regimen, we have the capacity to push this figure closer to the 4,000 mark.

But hold onto your hats, because the adventure doesn’t stop here! It’s time to put our model through its paces and validate its accuracy. Brace yourselves for a series of rigorous tests, set to kick off with the very first appeal slated for release by the end of October. And that’s not all – Wood for Trees will be right by our side, providing invaluable insights and analysis as the results pour in. This is where the real magic happens! 🚀🌟

 “Data and time are two of the most valuable assets for fundraising. A data-driven analytics tool with predictive power helps determine which donors to focus on for a faster and more cost-efficient conversion. We are so thrilled to be on board this innovative journey to make a difference!” Ada Tam, UNHCR Hong Kong


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