What is Reimagining Fundraising

Our mission

We help the non-profit sector stay relevant as the outside world is evolving, using the combined power and network of our members, in order to future proof funding for social and environmental impact


Our history

A group of leading international nonprofit organizations (INGOs) came together in 2020 to organize the first Reimagining Fundraising open innovation challenge. After missing a year during Covid, the organisations renewed the program for 2022, expanding its scope and adding seed funding to support the implementation of pilots.

In 2022 the INGOs have listed their challenges – the difficulties they face in raising funds to build long-term programs to achieve their missions – helping children, refugees, and other people in need, protecting the environment, defending human rights and much more. After a call for innovative solutions and a technical evaluation, a number of pilots were selected for implementation. 


Who we are

Anne Lauridsen

Team Leader International Product Development and Innovation, SOS Children’s Villages

Cath Hoban

Director of Fundraising and Marketing, CARE Australia

Charlotte Keen

Charlotte Keen

Fundraising and Digital Engagement Specialist, WWF

Daniela Demarchi

Daniela Demarchi

Innovation Manager, Four Paws

Diana Ruano

Global Head of Fundraising Innovation and Capacity Building, UNHCR

Hugo Martin

Market Development Specialist, OXFAM

Andrew Streat

Global Director
Compassion International

Juan Mones

Global Fundraising Innovation Lead, UNICEF

Mark Pullin

Senior Advisor – Acquisition Growth, World Vision International

Matteo Petruzzo

Global Fundraising Project Manager, Amnesty International

Nick Zoltowski

Claudia Geluk

Capacity Building and Fundraising Solutions Officer, UNHCR

Emma Bergflo

Head of Digital Fundraising and Product Development, Plan International

Ragna Schwung

Digital Innovation Advisor, SOS Children’s Villages

Laetitia Lam

Global Fundraising Innovation Officer, UNICEF

Anna Pineda

Capacity Building Manager at Medecins Sans Frontieres International

Nick Zoltowski

James Huitson

Senior Global Fundraising Manager at CARE International

Guillermo de los Santos

Global Individual Giving Advisor,

Ben Paine

Head of Private Sector Engagement
Centre of Expertise a.i., ICRC

Arantza Espinosa

Head of Global Digital Engagement en Save the Children International

Anirban Chakrabarti

Global Engagement and Fundraising Strategist, Greenpeace International

Anna Weatherley

Fundraising Strategy Resource Mobilisation, Senior Specialist, WWF International