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Subscribe to help people in need” rather than “Make a monthly donation” or “Give monthly” – a subtle change is a new strategy to attract Generations Y and Z to support charity causes. 

With a whole different idea, our approach is to communicate and advertise to these generations in a subscription model, with less dramatic appeal and different, explicit language, in a way that monthly donations are rebranded as subscriptions for a good cause. 

The donor acquisition process is simplified. The donation page is straight to the point, with limited asks for personal information (we only need name and email), mobile-friendly payment methods such as wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc. ), and modern credit card forms or local mobile payments (like Blik, MobilePay, Swish, etc.).

Donor retention and development would also be out of the norm for these donors, mimicking successful communications from subscription providers, such as Spotify’s Year in Review: a social-media shareable positive impact to be mass-tailored to the donors following their donation amounts, personal information provided:

Jane, here is what you’ve done for refugees this year”.

The operational cost would be focused on technical solutions to mass-tailor web experiences that appeal to Gen Z and Millenials and look good enough to be shared across social media.

Instead of pushy communication and requests for new donations, a pull strategy with a website where subscribers can consult “how many families they’ve helped” and other benefits their subscription has translated into. The subscribers can access the details and change how the money is spent at the charity they support.


Kasia Kasprzycka

Head of Fintech (a.i.), UNHCR HQ

Mateus Faria

Fintech, UNHCR HQ

Fay Rahmanian

Digital Influencer Engagement, UNHCR HQ

“With a whole different idea, the approach is to communicate and advertise to these generations in a subscription model, with less dramatic appeal and different, explicit language, in a way that monthly donations are rebranded as subscriptions for a good cause.” 

Kasia, Mateus and Fay



What is the challenge the project is addressing? 

Challenge A:
Engaging new audiences

Challenge B:
New channels, new tools. Increasing relevance and long-term value when engaging with our supporters

How to successfully recruit young generations (Gen Z and Millennials) to become recurring donors?

The subscription economy is thriving – sing-up and forget is the way of operating for Millennials and Gen Z. Yet, we as fundraisers seem to miss this commercial trend and are struggling to recruit the younger generation to become recurring donors.


What is the main objective of the project?

Acquire and retain a goal of 700 new subscribers in year 1 of product launch.

Proof of concept for reaching Gen Z & Millennial audiences, and engage them as regular donors.

Test / Experiment

What is the specific test / experiment?

Test new retention model for regular donors designed for Gen Z & Millennials – e.g. receiving branded-UNHCR items, exclusive content on social media.

Test pilot in 2-3 key markets (Global English speaking donors) as a case-study for other key markets within the organization to launch their own pilot in their respective markets in year 2.

The number of recurring donors acquired in pilot months (3 months) is to increase by 50% vs the average number of recurring donors obtained in tested markets.



Milestones  Name of Milestone / Project Point Deadline (rough month / Quarter indication)
M1  Kick-off preparations, finalizing the concept for UNHCR (workshops, brainstorms, focus groups, name, pilot market confirmation)  Q2-June 
M2  Design (content packages, wireframes, communication theme, website)  Q4 – Oct/Nov 
M3  Communication Plan (content packages, social, influencer, paid media and ab testing strategy)  Q3 – Aug/Sept 
M4  Infrastructure development (portal, payments, build of new website template)  Q2-Q4 – Oct 
M5  Testing   Q4 – Nov 
M6  Pilot launch   Dec 2023 


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