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UNHCR Hong Kong & Wood for Trees


InsightHub has been designed from the ground up to compile, visualise and democratise industry-leading insights for charitable organisations looking to boost supporter engagement and maximise their return on fundraising activities, providing the detailed level of understanding they need to thrive.

InsightHub Predict introduces data science-backed predictive modelling to the platform. Supporter retention and upsell are key pillars to any successful fundraising strategy but are far too often treated as an afterthought. Yes, they remain a priority in terms of overall performance, but the creative and strategic focus can naturally drift towards acquisition-based activities.

Jane, here is what you’ve done for refugees this year”.

The operational cost would be focused on technical solutions to mass-tailor web experiences that appeal to Gen Z and Millenials and look good enough to be shared across social media.

Instead of pushy communication and requests for new donations, a pull strategy with a website where subscribers can consult “how many families they’ve helped” and other benefits their subscription has translated into. The subscribers can access the details and change how the money is spent at the charity they support.


Ada Tam

Head of Individual Giving, UNHCR Hong Kong

Kwan Yu Lau

Database Specialist, UNHCR Hong Kong

Kate Houghtaling

Data Scientist, Wood for Trees

“Data and time are two of the most valuable assets for fundraising. A data-driven analytics tool with predictive power helps determine which donors to focus on for a faster and more cost-efficient conversion. We are so thrilled to be on board this innovative journey to make a difference!” 

Ada Tam

PSP Hong Kong


What is the challenge the project is addressing? 

Challenge A:
Beyond traditional NGO fundraising models. New fundraising products to build long-term relationships with our supporters

Challenge B:
New channels, new tools. Increasing relevance and long-term value when engaging with our supporters

We currently have a substantial sample of middle donors that we want to interact with in our database. However, based on the traditional modelling, we might be missing more potential donors that can make a difference and can bring our middle value program further to life.


What is the main objective of the project?

UNHCR Hong Kong‘s ultimate aim is to identify ~4,000 prospect donors with an increased chance to convert into middle value/major donor within six to nine months.

A successful pilot would look like 20% of the prospect converted to middle donors in nine months.

Test / Experiment

What is the specific test / experiment?

The experiment will consist of validating the model by A/B testing the traditional model versus the InsightHub model. Moreover, another experiment will be done by testing the most likely to convert into middle donors versus less likely to convert into middle donors based on the new model’s prediction.

A series of 3 appeals will be used to validate the model.


Milestones Name of Milestone / Project Point Deadline (rough month / Quarter indication)
M1 Kick-start preparation (to identify and detail project timeline, deliverables,  team structure/project manager by service provider) 2023 Q2 – May
M2 Finalize 2022 LTV data for modelling 2023 Q2 – Jun
M3 Model build on variables created from LTV data and deployment of the Model by service provider 2023 Q3 – Jul
M4 Identification of ~4,000 prospect donors with an increased chance to convert into middle value/major donor within six to nine months 2023 Q3 – Aug
M5 Implementation and optimization of project learnings (with support and monthly check-in by service provider) 2023 Q3 – Jul – Sep
M6 Project review on the results and effectiveness 2023 Q4 – 2024 Q2

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